Our Philosophy

We believe capturing secular economic, political, and demographic trends is critical to attaining superior long term investment results. Identifying key trends is important in determining what to own and what to avoid. Empirical data show 80% of an individual stock’s return is explained by the performance of its sector.

Secular trend identification and sector emphasis is supported by a disciplined investment process emphasizing high quality growth companies. Fundamental and technical analysis of sectors, industries, and individual securities provides strategic focus and identifies specific sector and security emphasis. Extensive use of convertible, international, and fixed income markets enhance portfolio diversification and control risk. Strict adherence to our proprietary sell discipline protects portfolios from large losses.

Based on a thorough understanding of clients’ unique objectives, portfolios are constructed to meet these objectives. The subsequent monitoring of the investment environment and clients’ financial situations ensures the proper and consistent alignment of asset, sector, and individual security allocation with client investment objectives.